I feel a little dirty...but oddly, not guilty.

I won a snack box off of a website about a week ago and it finally arrived, stuffed with amazing snacks from all over the world. Most of them looked tasty, like the Cadbury's buttons that I haven't had since I lived in the UK. Most of them were foreign, but of the sweet variety, and plenty of American snacks that I just haven't had in awhile...

...And then, I saw it. A bag of Chicharrones (pork rinds). I have never had them. They always seemed to wrong, and decadent and just gross to me. But, since I am always looking to try new things, I didn't immediately throw it our or give it away...but I let it sit there and stare at me for awhile...

...last night I broke down and opened the bag. Just to try a single piece. You know, just to finally know what the fuss was all about.

Well, readers, I ate the whole bag (albeit a mini one). One piece. Back to the couch. Okay, another piece. Back again. Finally, I stood in the kitchen and ate it all.

And no, I don't feel guilty, but I do feel a little dirty.

What have you eaten that made you feel this way? Fois gras? A double-down from KFC?

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