Perfect ham

I had never really had a perfect ham until now. Ham to me is best when bacony, very smoky and flavorful and above all, cooked until done. Abysmal holiday hams in relative's kitchens with undercooked, too pink, too mushy, too fleshy holiday hams had nearly turned me off completely. That is, until now: I received a honey-baked ham from the chain as a Christmas gift. It's machine sliced in perfect 1/8" thick slices, smoked, seasoned, and cooked. Not a gross piece in the whole thing. I had never tried one before as I assumed they were expensive and was kinda over ham. Not now. To avoid the common disaster of lifeless, fleshy undercooked too-thickly sliced rotten hams, I'll gladly drop a few bucks for the Honey Baked. No I don't work for them. Just had a few King's Hawaiian rolls piled full and man am I satisfied. The smoky flavor lingers on the palate like BBQ. Awesome.

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