New York

Industrial flavor ingredients (retail) in NY/NJ?

Hey all, I've lately been experimenting with industrial flavor ingredients -- I have the easy to obtain stuff like ajinomoto (MSG), citric acid and the standard thickeners you can get with basic molecular gastronomy kits. (This all began with my purchase of some Flavacol popcorn powder, which my wife and I really enjoy.)

I'm visiting NYC for a week at the moment and wonder if anyone has tips for where I might be able to get some more hard-to-find stuff retail - eg fumaric acid, disodium inosinate (IMP), disodium guanylate (GMP), or even just lactose powder.

I understand there's a number of flavor manufacturing companies in New Jersey and wonder if any of them would sell retail, or have retail outlets or anything like that.

Any advice appreciated!

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