Cooking and Baking

Are you cooking the turkey??

I'm not... taking 2 sides to T-Day dinner. Will come home with some left-overs, but there are never enough for me... takes a long time for me to get bored with them.

I'm cooking for 1, so a whole bird (even smallest) is not a good option. Hoping whole breasts will be reasonable on Black Friday... ONLY reason I'll be leaving house that day. Will get guys behind the glass to cut in half... vac seal half for some other time & make a mini-feast for ME with other half.

One year, when Dad was incharge of the family get-together, he did a "deconstructed" turkey... WAY before that term started popping up. HE preferred white meat (bought 2 whole breasts), knew a few liked dark (2 legs/thighs), and shis MOTHER and some others loved wings (bought 4).

Cost more, but pretty much NO waste or picking the carcass. Got plenty of nice brown stuff for great gravy. Cooking time was less.

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