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Help! Need an interesting side for Thanksgiving

I'm throwing my first (it'll perhaps be my only) family Thanksgiving dinner this year. It'll be small, only 5 adults. When menu-planning with my husband, we decided not to do a stuffing - no one's really a fan of it. We've been playing around with a lot of whole grains lately, helped in part by the recent acquisition of a rice cooker, so we've decided to do something along the lines of a pilaf. Ideally, we'd like something with black and/or red "forbidden" rice (for the unusual touch & great color, mostly), and I'd love it if we could add something like barley or farro to it.

No nuts, please, and no dried cranberries/raisins.

Does anyone have any ideas? Can you effectively combine these rices with the heartier grains? What kinds of flavors would really pop? Do these rices have any unusual characteristics that should be exploited?


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