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Broth made from lamb bones

I have a 2lb lamb shank coming my way and I wanted to see about extracting as much from the bone in terms of a broth.
It will come whole and I am wondering a few things:
1. I am looking for a milky broth after hours of cooking (similar to the Korean dish, Sulleongtang). In reading recipes for how Koreans make this broth, it entails boiling and also just dumping out the water a few times in order to achieve the milky color but is this necessary and the only way to achieve the milky color? Can't one just simmer the bone for hours on end and get the same result? What is the purpose of boiling and then discarding the water, filling up the pot again and boiling it?
2. The bone will be whole so will I be able to extract the marrow at all? Do I need to try and crack/cut the bone? If so, how?

I intend to use this type of broth to create a nutrient rich rice dish (or at least that is what my mind is telling me) so this is an experiment but everything I am finding on the web deals with roasting the bone and then boiling with vegetables and herbs.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

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