Missing the how-to posts

I don't know if you feel the same, but I really miss the how-to posts on SE! I love the beautiful food-porny pics, but I'm a little sad they're moving to the magazine ...

Do you feel the same?

Do you have any suggestions for how-to posts?

I'd love for a kind of classification for posts that distinguish basic skills, intermediate, and advanced skills. I'm an amateur cook that can follow recipes, but my groundwork isn't all that good - at the same time I love reading about advanced skills too.

If a sort of timeline bar graph can be made for recipes showing what prep times overlap, with the "active task" highlighted in green colour or something it would be AMAZING. For example, if something is simmering while you're prepping the garnish or cooking the pasta it would be great help. (Sorry, I'm kind of stupid.)

If recipes could also be sorted by what tools are required, it would be great too! In Japan for example, while there are lots of interesting tools (e.g. takoyaki pan, fish grill) in a usual house, there just isn't an oven... Sorry to digress

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