Going Pescatarian in effort to drop LDL....

So @ 36, LDL is dangerously high. Having two young kids, I'd prefer to stick around to see them grow up. Doc told me to cut out dairy, cheese, meat, pork, shellfish, eggs with yolk in an effort to trim cholesterol. Hasn't been bad, don't miss meat just yet. I've had tilapia ceviche, mahi mahi, salmon this week and was wondering if there were any fabulous recipes for a basic, economical tuna fish salad (with sandwich or lettuce) that didn't have mayo in it but still had some kind of flavor and dressing to resemble the creaminess? Any other Pescetarians out there or fish lovers that have recommendations on fish recipes they love that are on the lower-fat side, I'd appreciate as well. Thanks guys!! Love this site, everyone is truly awesome. - Cata's Mom

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