What's Your Favorite Cracker?

I got to thinking about this last night while I was looking at the vast array of crackers in my local store. There have been so many new ones that have come out recently that I like, as well as old standbys that I still love eat frequently. So, I wanted to see what everyone here loves, old-school and new. Since there are so many options, I will divide it into two parts: 1) Those crackers that you can easily enjoy on their own, without toppings of any kind and 2) Those that really lend themselves to spreads and toppings.

So, me:

1 - Better Cheddars (old school) and Nips / Cheez-its (I think that they are secretly the same thing)

2 - Saltines for soup and peanut butter and Triscuits for things like cheeses (cream and hard cheese included) and meats and other savory toppings.

So, what are your favorites?

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