Frozen meats...

Now that many places I haven't been able to visit have internet shopping, I was wondering if anyone recommends the frozen meats made by Peter Luger, Katz's, Vienna Sausage, etc...

Without expensive travel, we just don't get a lot of high quality, restaurant-experienced meats here in Alaska. I love our moose, caribou, bear, deer, etc... don't get me wrong. But 30-45 day aged beef? Not gonna happen. Deep dish Malanati pizza? No... Our corned beef or pastrami, typically Boars Head deli meats.

Is it worth ordering a few steaks from Lugers? A deep dish from Malanati? Vienna hot dogs? Katz's pastrami or corned beef? I'd love to try all of it fresh and at the restaurants, but that isn't in the cards living this far away. Our vacation time, as I'm sure you can understand, is spent in tropical climates when we are suffering 45-60 below temps in the winters...

Any insight is appreciated.


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