Breakfast Sandwich Hacks?

Hey all - like a lot of you, i'm sure, I don't have a lot of time in the morning before I'm out the door. My go-to breakfast during the week has become an english muffin sandwich... start the muffin toasting, crack an egg in a tiny egg pan, grab whatever deli turkey or ham I have on hand, flip the egg, butter/spread the muffin, assemble, and I'm out the door.... we're talking 3-5 minutes from walking in the kitchen to walking out. To try and not get sick of eating the same thing 4+ days a week, I have a few staples I'll add... besides the basic hot sauces/ketchup, I like to do kimchi, or some of this roasted tomato spread I make in batches and keep in the fridge door. If I do something with veggies the day before, I'll save some trimmings and give them a quick saute in the morning. Some days I even get the vegemite itch. What I'm throwing to the incredibly diverse and talented SE members is, what other variations can you guys suggest, that are cheap, easy and FAST?

Thanks much!

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