Baking Steel Placement

I just brought a Baking Steel back from the US (over a 1/3 of the weight limit of the suitcase, I might add). I used it last night and I did not get anything close to the results I get with the skillet-broiler method. I got the steel up to 500 degrees, but the crust reached light brown with no spots of char or anything. My oven can do about 525F. I assume that my broiler can get it higher than 500F, but when I leave the broiler on for an extended period by keeping the oven door open, it can trigger the entire oven shutting off. So using the broiler to get the steel hotter than 500 or so may not be an option. So where should I put the steel for best results? I care most about the bottom of the pizza, because I can always finish it under the broiler (or hit it with my trusty blowtorch). And do you recommend convection or regular baking? I really like the larger pies I can make on the steel, and don't want to go back to the 10" pies I make in the skillet. Thanks.

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