Remember school lunches?

One thing I'd love to see Serious Eats do a series on, just for fun, is the array of industrial-grade stuff that most everyone who grew up in the American public school system remembers. You know what I mean - the gear-toothed, off-tasting hamburgers, the rectangular slabs of pizza (and the hexagonal "Fiestada" pizza), the crispitos, the perfectly spherical lumps of coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

We all remember that stuff, and I'm sure some of us would like to sample it again just for the nostalgia, no matter what it ends up tasting like. Actually getting your hands on these items seems to be challenging, though, if you're not a schoolkid (though I'm sure S.E. would have its ways).

I have a 1989 menu from one of my hometown's grade schools sitting around somewhere. Burnt-orange paper, typed on an IBM Selectric and then Xeroxed to hell. I should dig it up.

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