Keith Luce Greenport Prep Wood Fired Pizza

Keith Luce has opened Prep in Greenport. Among various other menu items he offers wood fired pizza. After trying 3 of the pie's of the 10" variety he is on his way to becoming a must stop for all pizza lovers. The "Lucifold" Fresh ricotta with guanciali was delicious. The dough is what he describes as a hybrid of Bianco and Company(72 hour fermentation)which blows company away in terms of time but is right there in flavor. The Italian is a close relative of a margarita, fresh pulled mozzarella and tomato sauce. Sauce was a little spicy but definitely welcomed. This is a must stop!Today 7/26/13 Keith will be making his own homemade burrata. Its time to make the trip to Greenport and experience Prep!!

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