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On Bourdain.

Finally reading his Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly from 2000, by now I've also amassed a sizable collection of his pornographic gastronomy television episodes.

If anybody else loves this dude--his taste, his candor, and his sardonic wit--what do folks make of his current show Parts Unknown on CNN as compared to his previous No Reservations and The Layover? His Koreatown, LA and Quebec, Canada episodes play on infinite repeat in my kitchen whilst I am cooking.

Eating at Les Halles.
Has anyone eaten at Les Halles in the Flatiron District of Manhattan? I moved to NYC last year (Astoria, Queens) and keep going back-and-forth about whether or not to drop my hard-earned, meager paycheck over there, where he's no longer a chef. He continues to swear by their steak-frites as one of the best in existence, along with the badass Latino head chef who succeeded him. But there are so many incredible places to eat in NYC, so everytime I do decide to eat out, it's an event. Which requires deliberation.

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