Supermarket seafood and the meaning of Fresh

*I live in the UK, so this may not be the same as in the US*

I've been wondering lately if the 'fresh' seafood and prawns I get, (deshelled) are actually 'fresh'. I wonder that about the salmon fillets they sell in pairs in the package too. What does "fresh" mean if these produce have been frozen for transport? When does something stop being fresh by virtue of being frozen for a bit longer, and why does seafood sold in this form cost a lot more than its cousins in the freezer section?

In the UK we've got lots of ready meals - chicken tikka masala, spag bol, etc. The ready meals that are being sold 'fresh', I suspect, are no different from the ones in the freezer, albeit having been defrosted.

Are we paying a premium for the illusion of freshness? SE'ers who work in supermarkets, do you know?

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