Suggestions to make non sweet frosting

Has anyone made a non-sweet frosting?

I may have briefly discussed this awhile ago, but I'm ready to try my hand at making homemade pop tarts. If I make them normal Pop Tart size they'll just be Savory Pop Tarts, if I make smaller ones I'll call it Pop Tart Tapas.

Guests at my house will get 3 or 4 different ones.

1 - This will be stuffed with a cheese sauce.. probably will use Kenji's recipe. If you let it harden a little it's nice and hard, but if you heat it up it'll be nice and melty oozing out of my pop tart.

2 - This will be stuffed with mashed potato.

The other two I won't concern you with since they're not going to be frosted. However, for the above two I want a tomato soup frosting and a gravy frosting respectively.

How would you go about it?

Find a recipe for cream cheese frosting, but cut out any sweets and replace it tomato or tomato soup powder for that one?

Maybe there's a way to just get Campbell's Condensed Soup to stick on top? It's already thick enough if I don't water it down. Maybe it'll just stick on top.

Maybe I can reduce a gravy down to thicken it and it'll just stick to the top?

Thoughts are appreciated.

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