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What do you think makes for a great restaurant?

What I love in a restaurant:

**Ethnic restaurants as authentic as street food.
**Hole-in-the-walls with dependable food and owners that get to know you.
**If casual seafood: paper towels on the tables and wood floors with shell discards.
**Free samples of wine.
**Clean and elegant bathrooms.
**Exotic, unctuous offerings like innards (a wimpy companion will have to stomach it).
**Small portion offerings with reasonable prices so I can try several things.
**Food I've never had--unless it's dog, rat, cat, or human.
**Tacky indulgence: all-you-can-eat steamed crab (straight up, no butter).
**If it's casual, electrical outlets with internet enabled outside of peak hours.
**Abundant lemon wedges for my FRESH BREWED tea.
**Would love--but never get--passion fruit.
**Both olive oil and butter on the table for bread.
**Every kind of sweetener on the table from raw sugar and stevia to saccharine and Splenda, something for all tastes.

How about you? What do you love?

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