Pizzeria Toro - Durham NC

Long time reader/follower and wood-fired/THIN crust/neopolitan pizza lover (ie, like Pizzeria Bianco features). I have eaten at as many of the pizzerias across the country that feature this type of pizza, but I stumbled on another new pizzeria that doesn't seem to have been widely publicized (yet) - Pizzeria Toro in Durham NC. We ate there last week and not only was our pizza spectacular, their beer/wine/cocktails, appetizers/salads and desserts are equally wonderful. Had a Horsefeather (rye w orange bitters) cocktail, shared a salad with shaved asparagus & fava beans and we had two desserts, an olive oil cake w blood orange and she had a gianduja budino w hazelnuts. We ordered their white pizza with brussels sprouts, house pancetta, cipoline (for sure)and fresh mozz, parm regg, ricotta & sea salt (IIRC) - it was outstanding. Nice casual atmosphere and hip, knowledgeable servers. They could raise their prices 30% and open in Chicago and do a killer business. If you're in the area, give it a try, before they increase prices... ;-)

BTW, I'm from Chicago and don't have any interest in the place. Just paying it forward to other neopolitan pizza lovers.

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