Gravlax serving ideas....

So I've been playing around a lot lately making my own gravlax (going through a temporary addiction now....).

We've got an office retirement party coming up, and I've already started curing about five pounds of salmon to bring.

Rather than doing the traditional bagel/dark bread/cream cheese/red onion/egg setup, I thought I'd try something totally different and unexpected.

So has anybody tried any weird cured salmon recipies that I could experiment with?

I've been playing around with a couple of ideas:

Gravlax wrapped bacon.

Mini gravlax/bacon cups (using a mini muffin pan to make bacon cups, filled with gravlax and other stuff...). Or maybe some other kind of "cup."

Gravlax on pretzel rolls

Gravlax stuffed/wrapped olives.

Mini gravlax kabobs (small cubes of gravlax, avocado, onion, cheese, etc. skewered on toothpicks.

Any other whacky ideas out there?


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