Favorite On-The-Go Bars

I'm working in the restaurant industry now, so I don't get a bite until after my shift, which is late afternoon. I would rather 'eat on the run' than to sit down and have a decent meal, especially if I needed to run errands before places close. I usually have a hummus sandwich on the train/bus or even standing waiting for these transportation. Sometimes it gets messy, so I'm looking into having bars instead. I'm not interested in overly processed protein bars. Lately, I've been obssessed with KIND bars, but I'm a little off put by the grams of sugar for some. I like these bars because I could pronouce the ingredients. I tried to recreate some, but just got too labor intensive and expensive to buy the nuts. (PS honey or brown rice syrup is best for bars?) Any recommendation for eating on the go or your favorite bars? Thanks!

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