Eating Out

Authentic beginner-friendly eats in London's Chinatown?

As much as I love authentic Chinese food, I must admit to being intimidated by the more abrupt waitstaff in Chinatown. I would love to expand my palate and try more unusual Chinese dishes, where are the best (and friendliest if possible) places in Chinatown to do this? I love offal, the only things I won't eat are balut or eyeballs and I don't expect either in authentic Chinese food! So 'nasty bits' are OK with me :) I like Hong Kong food so far, but would like to try different regional dishes - OK, I might go back to HK Diner for some bubble tea later though ;) Also, how can I convince the staff that I am genuinely interested in the food and not just a tourist? I mean, I am a tourist but I'm a food tourist most of all!

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