What to make my sauce smooth?

Over the weekend I had some Peruvian food. I've had this dish before. I wanted to recreate the cheese sauce at home.. Huancaina Sauce.. it's a sauce made out of queso fresco cheese, aji amarillo peppers, maybe some evaporated milk, lime juice, and oil. You can Google a recipe.. some have different ingredients.

When I get it from a restaurant, I've tried it at two different, and the sauce was nice, smooth, creamy like. Here's a sample picture:

Queso Fresco is kind of crumbly. When I put all the stuff in my food processor it came out crumbly. Similar to this picture:

How can I get a smooth sauce? Is it because I used a food processor and not a blender? I tried adding some more oil, but that didn't help.

Maybe I need to add a little bit of some other melty cheese to bring it together, but then don't want to change the flavor..

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