Dried Porcini Powder! What can't you put it into?

I buy dried Italian Porcinis in large $35.00 bags and I can't use them often enough. So I grind a few ounces at a time in my spice grinder and seriously I have not found one thing that a judicious amount of powder doesn't make more delicious.
Breakfast cereal with milk: Check.
Orange ice cream, or any ice cream: Check.
Any egg, pasta, pan sauce, stir-fry: Check.
Baked dessert: Check.
Bloody Mary, Irish coffee, Fernet Branca, hot chocolate, wine spritzer: Check.
Cerviche: Check.
Any soup: Check.
Chile, any stew: fugetaboutit
I challenge you Serious Eaters to name one dish that Porcini powder wouldn't be tasty in.

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