Do You Frequently Get Take Out?

I've gotten into a habit of ordering takeout every Friday from my neighbor Laura. She cooks Mexican food out of her kitchen and everything is quite affordable, usually $10 for 6-8 servings of decent homemade food. I always invite my friend over and we have a great time together chatting and not worrying about cooking or clean up. It's a nice way to end the week when you're exhausted and you have to take care of a 1 year old.

So I've been wondering if other people have a regular habit with a local takeout place or two. Tell me all about your takeout rituals. Do you eat it alone, watching TV and drinking liquor? Do you have friends over? Is it always a certain day of the week? What cuisine do you favor? Are you friends with the owners/ chefs? Can you walk there from your house? Tell us about your secret take out life.

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