ISO Gluten-Soy-Dairy Free Soup Base and Other Products

Well, we've been thrown a curve. A family member has been diagnosed with high level gluten-soy-dairy sensitivites. And we live in an area that has limited access to gluten free products in grocery stores.

I know that many of our SE community struggle with these food sensitivities. I'm hoping someone can recommend a high quality, good tasting brand of soup base(s). I can order products online.

Other products I've purchased I would not buy again. I'm hoping for some recommendations for products tried and true rather than my current method, trial and error. Some of the products I've tasted were just so unappetizing or mushy (pasta).

Meanwhile, I'm reading labels, calling manufacturers to find out if their products contain gluten. Not much help with manufacturers, but that will be epic rant for another time.

Any feedback, tips and product referrals would be of greatly appreciated!!

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