Food -- am I missing something?

I was browsing the web for something and came across this website.. am I missing something?

12 jars of Newman's Salsa for $37.65 + shipping.. they're $1.99 each in the supermarket! That's only $24.

Tadah Falafel Wraps - $31.65 + shipping for 8.. they're $2.99 in the supermarket! $24!

Don Pepino tomato sauce. Inglehoffer Mustard. Mister Mustard. Everything I looked sounded like they just went to the supermarket, marked up the price to resell.

Does anyone shop there?

They're website claims

"That doesn't mean you have to pay more, though - with our truckload buying power, we are able to offer great value."

I've found nothing of value.

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