Best ham and cheese on rye sandwich

This is my recipe for a perfect ham and cheese on rye sandwich

About This Recipe

Active time:5 min
Special equipment:knife


2 slices fresh rye bread

thin layer of butter on each slice

thin layer of Kraft Mayo on each slice

2-3 oz. left over baked bone in ham

1/4-1/2 (your choice) teaspoon yellow mustard, like French's

1 slice Emmentaler Swiss cheese

1 leaf crisp iceberg lettuce

slice diagonally and serve with chips,a Kosher pickle spear and a nice cold pilsner beer


1-butter the bread
2- spread mayo on bread
3- place slices of ham on bread
4- spread mustard on ham
5- place cheese on ham
6- place lettuce over cheese
7-place top slice of bread
8- slice sandwich diagonally

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