I would like info on the snap of a hot dog in reviews

All the dressings and capers, chiles, bacon-bits and what-not are fine and dandy, but what really does it for me is the snap. Say no more, snap's the word. Tell me about the snap.

Having grown up in Asia my exposure to hot dogs and sausages are meagre at best. British bangers this side of the pond are crusty and juicy with a coarse grind but just not 'bouncy' in the snap like a kielbasa, but rather crunchy-crisp and rippy.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being biting cleanly through a flaccid cold supermarket 10cent frankfurter, and 10 being ... a hot pork intestine casing cheese-filled kielbasa (apologies if I don't know how snappy things can get), I'd like a snap-o-meter rating for all the hot dog reviews.

I'm saying this because I bought a Swiss-cervelat hot dog in and it ruined my day. That was a very fat supermarket frankfurter wrapped in a bread roll.

What do you think? Is a snap-o-meter useful?

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