Do you make your own hot sauce? Can you help troubleshoot mine?

I decided to make hot sauce and used Bon Appetit's technique - grind the peppers in the food processor, allow to ferment a bit, add vinegar and "cure" for 2-7 days. I'm very happy with the taste of the resulting sauce but not the texture, if you will. It is as thin as the vinegar I used and settles into layers of solids (sort of) and liquid that need to be shaken before the sauce is used.

If this is just the way things are I'm okay with that but I'd like the sauce to be slightly thicker, like Tabasco, and to not separate if possible.

I'm open to other recipes/techniques/ideas - I just started with Bon Appetit because I had turned that page down in the magazine when I read it.

Also, anyone know any good sources for bottles (other than recycled ones)?

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