A Brazilian manioc question

A number of years ago I had the pleasure of spending two months camping out in the Amazon region while doing a tree inventory. About once a week we would be in some small settlement for a day and visit the local restaurant. I became fixated on a toasted, Panko-like manioc condiment (Grape-Nuts like) present on every table. It was all over Manaus also. It was meant to be sprinkled on everything (at least that is what I did). I became addicted, and, on and off, I have tried to find some in our local Tucson ethnic stores (3) and on the web without success. I can find plenty of manioc (cassava) flour, but a toasted crumb product eludes me. I suspect that I just don't know the proper Brazilian name for that particular product as I would find it listed on a web grocery site. Can anyone help, please? Thank you.


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