Smoking Pork Butt - Timing and cooking tips?

Hey Guys; so I wanted to smoke a pork butt this sunday for the game. I'm on the west coast, so we're looking at a 3:30 kickoff. I'd like to be finished smoking around 1, ready to pull and serve at 2... counting back from most recipe times that means I need to get the meat in around 10pm saturday night. Issue is, with my hacked together smoker, I'm not comfortable leaving it doing it's thing overnight unattended. I've seen plenty of recipes that call for a start on smoke and a finish in the oven; has anyone ever tried starting in the oven, then finishing with 5 or so hours of smoke? I think this is what I'll try, but if anyone else has some other ideas on how I might pull this off (or general smoking tips) that would be stellar.

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