Slow Cooker: Chicken Braised New Mexican Red Chile Sauce

While I am well acquainted with braising chicken thighs in NM red chile sauce in a dutch oven, I am unsure how to execute the same dish in the Slow Cooker. I have a freezer full of sauce I blended with garlic, veggie stock, and sun-dried red chiles, but I am not sure if I just place the frozen sauce into slow cooker with thawed chicken thighs, or should I prepare the chicken as I would for the dutch oven (in the dutch oven method I sear the chicken, skin side down, then toss in sliced onions, cover with sauce, place in the oven @ 350), then transfer to a slow cooker to finish? Also, should I remove the thigh skins before slow cooking? Seems as if the skin would be rubbery, and otherwise nasty.


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