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Ribeye Roast On Electric Hotplate

Was at the local meat monger yesterday Friday January 4, 2013, wondering what to burn next on the electric hotplate. Bought yet another $40, 3.5 lb ribeye roast.

The first 3.5 pounder of the two prior to this one, waited too long to try cooking. When removed from fridge putrid aromas spewed from package. Set that one outside and local wildlife had a feast!

Second 3.5 lb (ribeye roast) attempt was hacked into steaks. Was fearful of another failure. Would've been best to buy steaks in the first place.

This, the third 3.5 lb ribeye roast am thinking "ask the community" for ideas.

Kitchen? (There is no kitchen here) equipment: Electric Hot Plate; 12" aluminum (8" at bottom) skillet with lid; collapsable fan blade steamer used as roasting rack; a 1970's [still works] end dial meat thermometer and lots of love.

There are no temperature settings on hot plate dial other than MIN and MAX. It's what was affordable.

Last Thanksgiving 2012, won a 2 lb chuck roast slab. Followed recipe from store where was won. After 4 hours cooking time was edible sustenance, but no evidence of browned or crusty exterior. No eye candy that day.

Any thoughts/recipes greatly appreciated.

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