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Hungry Hunk Dinner Suggestions?

Hi eaters! I'm recently smitten in a new relationship and, naturally, I'm having a lot of fun cooking for him. We started dating before the holidays and during the holidays I hadn't had much time to show-off my super-dooper-excellent cooking skills (ha!) because of all the parties, and family dinners.

So far I've prepared 2 meals that he's really loved, and I'm brainstorming ideas for this weekend. The last 2 meals were a success and I'd like to keep shining! I knew I could turn to you guys for meal ideas and suggestions, because you never fail to inspire me :)

Meal scope:
No olives, mushrooms, green beans or seafood. He's not a fan.

Yes to healthier options, to vegetables; and he's a "meat and potato" type guy (maybe sweet potatoes) but--besides the things he dislikes--seems pretty open-minded

Thanks in advance much love, hungrychrsitel

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