Deer Meat, Duck Bacon, Duck Foie with truffle....Ideas?


I'm planning on cooking some sort of "game"-ish version meal for my boyfriend...However he's never had foies gras before, and has tried the duck bacon. He has, however, hunted and eaten deer (I'm uncertain if he's eaten duck before but I know he's hunted that as well).

What I have available is

Ground Deer (1 lb)
a small roll of Duck Foie w/ truffle (D'artagnan)
Duck Bacon (D'artagnan)

Deer Round
Deer filet chopped into cubes

I was thinking of making a meatloaf version using the deer meat, foie, duck bacon...And another type of ground meat which I'm uncertain of (veal?/ground beef?/pork?).

I also have caul fat, and bacon fat as well.

I just figured I'd come on the site and see if anyone would have any input or ideas before I decide to possibly make this? (I'm aiming for this coming Saturday).

Thank You

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