Cooking and Baking

what do you have too many of in the kitchen?

I keep all my utensils in 3 big crocks on big rolling cart right off edge of counter. One is jam packed with wooden spoons and spatulas/scrapers. ANother is jam packed with large plastic tool that are safe on non-stick and whisks. Third crock hold odd things that I only have 1-2 of... zester/microplane, steel, metal spatulas, etc.

Have a small rack over sink that holds at least 4 sifters, growing collection of restaurant-style ladles and a few other things.

Have 2 sets of Pyrex nesting bowls... one 3 pc and another 4 pc, with a HUGE bowl.

Found a back-up bowl for "vintage" KA stand mixer... crank-up type.

ALL of my surplus tools came in very hand the past few days as I started preparing doughs for Holiday cookies. Did batch for molasses and peanut butter yesterday and just finished up chocolate chip and oatmeal a short time ago.

Was able to get all wet stuff set up for TWO batches of cookies in mixer bowls... and their dry ingredients all measured/sifted and ready to go.

Actually KNOW someone who has ONE baking/cookie sheet... and they make holiday cookies?!?

What do you have MULTIPLES of in your kitchen?

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