New York

Reservations Xmas/&Eve

Serious Eaters, better get your rezzies in soon. Tables are filling up on Xmas and Xmas Eve. Just booked a 7pm! (unbelievable...) Xmas Eve Seven-Fishes meal at David Burke's Fishtail for $75/head.

I had "fails" at Balthazar and Little Owl, for Xmas eve rez. (Little owl, at least, took my phone number...)

Lyon in W.V. looked like a nice dinner on Xmas day -- dinner for 2- a Whole Duck and a bottle of wine for $99. / Not so sure about the ambience...haven't booked yet, but it would be a fun eve, regardless. (Deep thoughts, and "reservation" vs. let the cards fall as they will, condundrum" on Christmas Day...I'm thinking..let the card's fall. Why not? We'll stil be thinking about David Burke, and Fishtail Feast, anyways!)

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