Ode to what's left of the roof of my mouth

I have to say, I didn't know. "Homemade pizza can't be that much more awesome than what I get normally," I thought. "Why do these people burn their mouths on pizza? Why not wait?" I said.

But that was before I was asked to make pizza. I trundled over to Slice and chose Kenji's NY pizza recipe as a reasonable first attempt. I made my dough, and let it rest. I read comments and learned from Mr. Pizza how to stretch dough. DBCurrie's reviews of pizza stones let me pick out one that would work for my needs. I didn't really expect much.

And I made my first pie (cheese and basil). And I tried it. And I ate it. And I burned my mouth so badly parts of it are peeling off, but I don't care, because the slice I had was so goddamned delicious. Mr. Skythe wondered aloud, "Why do we buy pizza, again?"

I didn't know! I had no idea it could be so good! Consider me a convert, a true believer, and let me join your club of truly awesome pizza. Teach me your mystic ways, pizza Jedi, that I might also be a master.

And roof of my mouth? I'll miss you. It's been real.

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