Brilliant Cookie-Shipping Idea or...? Help!

Ok Serious Eaters - I need you brains!

I'm looking to ship a care package to a friend who's deployed in Afghanistan. I'm planning to bake cookie-cookies (oreos inside peanut butter cookies) and toss a few more things into the box.

Where you come in - I know a lot of people suggest using popcorn as packing material. Serious Eats just recently (I think) posted a bunch of awesome popcorn recipes. In the name of not wasting precious shipping space (and weight), I was wondering if it would be at all sensible to make a few of those popcorn recipes and pack them into ziplocs with extra air and use those ziplocs as padding for the cookie tub. Maybe not all six sides (some could be just crumpled paper) - but would this work, or would I be shipping delicious soggy corn dust?

Any and all suggestions welcome - hoping to send the box on it's way tomorrow. Thanks a million!

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