Eating Out

Toronto: where to go for birthday dinner snacks?

So I moved to Toronto a couple of months ago. I don't know the restaurant scene that well yet, but I can find my way around geographically just fine. It's also (almost) my birthday!

My boyfriend wants to take me out someplace nice-ish for dinner. I am a total sucker for the sort of place that focuses on house-made, local, artisan etc if I'm going to be splurging. A well-thought out cheese+charcuterie board with an appropriate craft beer is heaven. Where can I find this? Ideally, a couple of drinks and splitting a bunch of nice cheeses/appetizers should hit around 75$.

A caveat: manfriend is a vegetarian. I'll get a meaty terrine-type item on any given menu for myself, but someplace that isn't duck-fat-in-everything is also kind of necessary for the cutesy sharing part.

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