Name of a type of pizza crust

Growing up in Bellevue in the 80's, east of Seattle, there was a pizza chain called Pietro's. They've long since gone out of business, but I loved their pizza crust as it wasn't anything like the other pizza places we had around. Recently, I found that 'type' of crust again in a pizza chain in Oregon called Fultano's Pizza. My question for anyone familiar with Fultano's: what is the name of that type of pizza crust so I can find one around here in Seattle? And yes, I asked a few employees at Fultano's for the crust type, and they didn't know. The best way I can describe it is, it's thin, bubbly around the edges, cornmeal on the bottom, crisp (not chewy at all). That may not be very helpful, but I can't find good articles on the web that have pictures to show exactly what I'm looking to find. Thanks!

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