split articles and slideshows are EVIL

Slate has posted an excellent article about one of the features of this site that I dislike very much: all the slideshows that may in the short run generate more page-views, but in the long run make me use the site less.

I used to visit daily, but the annoyance factor has made it more like weekly, and I won't click on a slideshow unless I am so interested in it that I can tolerate all the clicks and delays it will take to read it.

First world problem, but still a problem.

Slate says: Splitting articles and photo galleries into multiple pages is evil. It should stop.

Pagination is one of the worst design and usability sins on the Web, the kind of obvious no-no that should have gone out with blinky text, dancing cat animations, and autoplaying music. It shows constant, quiet contempt for people who should be any news site's highest priority--folks who want to read articles all the way to the end.

More at : http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2012/10/website_pagination_stories_should_load_into_a_single_page_every_time_.single.html


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