Rah! Rah! Raw!

So I've discussed back and forth and never seem to get a definite answer to the question: Does cooking vegetables lead to some amount of nutrient loss, no matter the method?

I DO KNOW that the three main factors affect nutrient loss during cooking are temperature, time, and WATER. Nutrients tend to be both heat-intolerant and water-soluble. This is why mom and dad always told me to steam my vegetables, and never boil them. Some people tell me it depends on the vegetable, some say that's a myth.

I personally always do my best to eat 3-4 servings of raw veggies every day. un-cooked. This is just a personal choice I've made. MORE Recently I've been grinding my gears about how raw vegetables could provide even more value since food prices are so freaking high. Get what I can out of what I buy. PLUS I like the taste of raw veggies.

Does anyone have resources for this? Is it true that it's technically a better choice regarding nutrient loss to eat raw veg when you can? Thanks for your help eaters!

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