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Thanksgiving in NYC... with a vegan option

So my family is looking for somewhere to do a traditional-ish Thanksgiving dinner at an NYC restaurant. (Traditional-ish meaning turkey, at a minimum.) The problem: My little brother is a vegan. He's not a huge eater or a demanding guy -- sometimes when we'll go out, he'll just get a salad and french fries-- so he probably doesn't care if he's just eating, like, roasted squash and potatoes and cranberry sauce. We certainly don't need a whole vegan menu. But we want to go somewhere that will at least accommodate a few vegan-friendly things (even if they're sides), and I know some restaurants will have a very strict no-menu-changes policy on the holiday.

So, question -- has anyone done a vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving meal at an NYC restaurant? How was the experience? And was the vegan or vegetarian in question reasonably satisfied?

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