To convect or not, this is the question

So my new range has a convection feature, which came standard with the 5 burners that I really wanted. I figured hey, that's neat and I'll figure out how/when to use it eventually. So I tried it out and after a few colorful metaphors I got it to work. I know read the stupid instruction book and my cookies came out awesome. And fast. I knew to lower the temp 25 degrees, but wow! The whole double batch of peanut butter cookies in 40 minutes! Yippee!

So do you convect for everything, or just somethings like cookies? What about pizza? I can't see how a low and slow braise would be enhanced by it, but I look to you, the serious eaters with the nice ovens for advice. Or those who have done more research on the topic as they dream of convection capabilities:)

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