Some fixed, but others worse: Enough

I am delighted that you - or evolution finally caught up with the "Back Button" issue. SE's software has never been fully compliant with basic standards, but that was just too much.
There is plenty of content, but the importance and quality has slipped - a lot; most is either blather or undeclared 'sponsored' blather and it is obvious. Worse, what a few weeks ago used to be an exceptionally GREAT Slide Show with some artilces is now >50% ad junk and enough that I have to FIGHT to see titles and captions.
I understand your motive$ and the SE $ite's need to turn a profit, but you have sold your soul without your goals. SE has substituted Blather for content and it shows.
I guess you expect to cycle through readers and I'm one of the few who has spoken up. The others, from '10, '11, and early '12 are already gone. I suspect that they left for the same reasons, but did not say so. In the end, it is just not fun anymore. The humor is gone, the ad space seems to be over 50% and the content quality has dropped to Oreo tasting as the week's most important event. That is NOT good enough SE folks! Unless the content and readability improves, I've wasted enough time. Best wishes and I'm sure that you'll do just fine without me. And - Shame on you!

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