Responses and reactions to your food...

One of the main reasons I love to cook is the satisfaction I get from making other people a great meal and the enjoyment they (usually) get out of it. But of course, I can't please everyone. And of course, I do have a bad meal every now and then. We all do.
While I love hearing a great compliment about food I make for people, it's the negative (and sometimes funny) reactions I get from some that are most memorable. And I read a lot of restaurant reviews on this site and many other sites and blogs with people critiquing food they got served and how great OR terrible it was. Some are pretty harsh(though honest) and sometimes they're hilarious. Sometimes I think people are just being ridiculous and are just snobs.

I'm curious, what are some memorable reactions or comments have you guys gotten about food YOU made for others. Whether it was flattering, insulting, funny, or just a good learning experience. I've gotten most everything from, "Oh my that's delicious", to "What the f*ck is that!? That's awful" (that was a family member; we're a pretty "up-front" group of people).

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