Freezing in Last of Season Tomatoes for Winter?

Ok- So this summer I was advised by a very trusted source (Whom I buy all my tomato plants from) that freezing in season tomatoes is a good way to preserve them. I am skeptical.

So, this weekend I got a flat of beefsteaks and two quarts of cherry tomatoes from Eckerton Hill Farm which I am going to vacuum seal and put in my freezer.

Usually each year I make a big batch of fresh tomato sauce to freeze for winter, but somehow I imagine freezing the tomatoes will render them inedible. I'm not planning on defrosting them and eating them raw, I figure I'll roast them etc. etc.

Anyway this is exactly the type of thing I would expect to see in "Food Lab" on Serious Eats if it was a good idea.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this before and can let me know what my end result will be or give me any tips. Thought? Anyone?

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