Searching for a Good Kitchen Torch

I was recently given a very generous gift card to Williams-Sonoma and have been trying to find a good way to use it. I have been looking for a nice kitchen torch for awhile now, but upon looking through their site, the customer reviews disappointed me, revealing that the torch doesn't even come with the butane cartridges for it, and many of the reviews complained that they couldn't even buy them from WS. So, I searched around a few other sites, and all of the reviews seemed similar, no matter the store (online or B&M) and that has led me on a mission to find a good, not too expensive, kitchen torch that either comes with the cartridges, or where I can at least buy them separately, but at the same time.

Does anyone know of a place, either a store or online that has a good torch that will last, and that either comes with those cartridges, or sells them at least? Or does anyone know of a source for those cartridges that won't require me driving two hours to a random store in the middle of nowhere?

Any help is much appreciated!!

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